Tag: Human


  • Nimad Teravon

    Nimad Teravon is a landowner at [[Fort Inevitable | Fort Inevitable]] and a member of the [[Council of Prosperity | Council of Prosperity]]. He is a heartless old miser who ruins people unfortunate enough to be stuck renting form him.

  • Ilyana Stonde

    Ilyana Stonde was widowed during [[:paralictor-audara-drovust | Paralictor Audara Drovust's]] crusade. She was left with no means to support [[:davon-stonde | her children]] when her [[:giles-stonde | husband]] was executed. Ilyana and her children are …

  • Naldred Tillman

    Expansive fields of golden wheat surround the fine stone farmhouse of Naldred Tillman. Naldred is the largest private slave owner in the "Hellknight's":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Hellknight domain, with a half-dozen hired overseers keeping watch over …

  • Mother Holworth

    Nilsa Holworth, usually known as "Mother Holworth," is the matriarch of the Holworth clan by Misty Lake. She is a stern, sharp-tongued woman halfway through her seventh decade who has outlived two husbands and now has a house full of children, …

  • Daldar Serragon

    The proprietor of Serragon Ironworks, Daldar Serragon is a former nobleman of Galt who fled to the River Kingdoms 20 years ago to escape the gallows. He bought out a local smelter from its previous owner, and expanded the workshop over the years.