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  • Emos Varden

    In the spring of 4681, a "Hellknight":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Hellknight named Emos Varden passed through Southwood shortly after a gang of brigands had set fire to several farmhouses on the outskirts of town and carried off the hapless families …

  • Caerlin

    Few people with elven blood wind up spending much time in [[Fort Inevitable | Fort Inevitable]], but the old vintner Caelin is an exception. Now over a century old, he wears his years well, as most half-elves do. A former resident of "Mosswater,":http:// …

  • Giles Stonde

    Giles Stonde was swept up in [[:paralictor-audara-drovust | Lady Commander Drovust's]] investigation of [[:emos-varden | Lord Varden's]] assassination and hanged by the "Hellknights.":http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Hellknight He left his [[:ilyana-stonde …

  • Daldar Serragon

    The proprietor of Serragon Ironworks, Daldar Serragon is a former nobleman of Galt who fled to the River Kingdoms 20 years ago to escape the gallows. He bought out a local smelter from its previous owner, and expanded the workshop over the years.